About Us


It all started when...

Joao Paulo, our CEO & Founder, during a MBA couse in Barcelona, Spain developed the idea of a genuine Brazilian organic coffee for exportation. After finishing the cousrse, he started travelling around the globe in a sabbatical period. In the journey from Santiago de Compostela, Spain to Kherala, India, Joao learned new concepts about life and our part in theuniverse. The main concept he discovered was the "Law of Karma", which says that all the energy you irradiate to the universe, you're given back in the same amount. Inspired by that, he decided his creation would trasmit positive energy only, and it had to be good for people and the world. Besides he wanted the world to know the best of Brazil, appart from Samba and football.

On his way back to Brazil, Joao started developing Organique in his very home, using exclusive Brazilian flora products like Yerba-Mate (tipical from the southern Brazil) and Acai and Guarana (very common in The Amazon region) 

These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect organic energy drink, thus, Organique was born to take over the world! 

Today, Organique Energy has HQ in San Francisco, CA (US) and in Porto Alegre, RS (BRA).