4 reasons to buy Organique

1. You are assisting family farmers

Although organic farming and the demand for it is growing, it is still a practice that is dominated by non-organic industrial farming. The farms are mainly family-owned businesses, that farm in harmony with their environment. By buying organic you are directly supporting a family business and an eco-friendly practices

2. You are celebrating the culture of agriculture

Agriculture is a beautiful practice of celebrating biodiversity.  By buying organic products you are contributing to elimination of chemical toxins and environmental harm.   Although, organic farming is not the most efficient , as it is more time consuming and more labor intensive it celebrates the mother nature, permaculture and human culture.

3. You are doing a favor to your body.

Organic farming is done on a well-balanced nourished soil that produces stronger plants. By eating organic you are not forcing any substances to your system that your organism is not able to digest. And for the reasons above, organic simply tastes better!

4. You are contributing to keeping our water clean.

The access to drinkable water is becoming is becoming a bigger issue that we have ever expected. Non-organic farms often deposit pesticides into water systems, as many companies dispose run-offs incorrectly and contaminate drinking water. Water run-offs from organic farms are harmless to the environment.


How we started?

How did we come about creating an organic energy drink? What was the reason and why did Joao Paulo decide to pursue his dreams? He wanted to make the world a better and healthier place. To be able to achieve this dream he brought together the essence of Brazil. By combining 3 ingredients, Joao created a simple energy drink, that screams Brazil!

He seized together the best ingredients Acai, Guarana and Mate. He started traveling the world for inspiration, which started in Santiago en Compostela, Spain and ended ashrams in Kerala, India. He learned and developed new concepts in life and applied them to his own life path and ambitions. The biggest lesson that he learnt was the law of Karma, which states that what you transmit to the universe, will come back to you. His transmission was taking the best organic and sustainable ingredients that Brazil has, which are rich in energy and in the purest sort, to give to the world the healthiest source of energy to humans. Creating Organique energy drink!


Organique Energy was seeded in Rio de Janeiro, and today not only Brazilians enjoy its freshness, but also the other three continents in which we are currently present at.


Any questions or comments? Feel free to let us know!

Welcome to Organique’s blog!

Welcome to Organique’s blog!

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